Astrodvorek Kamenne Zehrovice

Hercules galaxy cluster Abell 2151 ,  Arp 272,  71,  122  a  172

Abell 2151 


Abell 2151 The Hercules Cluster (Abell 2151) is a cluster of about 200 galaxies some 500 million light-years distant in the constellation Hercules. It is rich in spiral galaxies and shows many interacting galaxies. The cluster is part of the larger Hercules Supercluster, which is itself part of the much larger Great Wall super-structure. (wiki)
Wider Abell 2151 field is shown above (with north to the left) and some more detail view (with relatively well resolved Arp's 272, 71 and 122) below.


Abell 2151


Optics:       NoName Newton 192/800
                   +GPU c.c.

amera:    Atik One 6
Filters:        LRGB Baader

Mount:      SW AZEQ-5
Guider:       Lacerta MGEN

Exposure:  53x5 min. (L)
16x5 min. (R, G, B each), bin 2x2
Software:  PixInsight, Photoshop
21. 5. 2018