Astrodvorek Kamenne Zehrovice

M101 - the Pinwheel galaxy



M101 is a beautiful face-on spiral galaxy distanced 21 million light-years away from earth in the constellation Ursa Major (wiki). I have tried to take a picture of the Pinwheel Galaxy several years ago, with a smaller refractor and DSLR. And after 2 years with my 20 cm Newton it came time to make it better..

                                                                           27.-28. 3. 2017


Optics:     NoName Newton 192/800
GPU c.c.

amera:    Atik One 6
Filters:         LRGB Baader

Mount:       SW AZEQ-5
Guider:       Lacerta MGEN + 50mm finder

Exposure 54x5 min. (L)
                      20x5 min. (R, G, B each), bin 2x2

Software:  PixInsight, Photoshop