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M 74 



Wikipedia says that Messier 74 (also known as NGC 628 or Phantom Galaxy) is a large spiral galaxy in the equatorial constellation Pisces. It is about 32 million light-years away from Earth. The galaxy contains two clearly defined spiral arms and is therefore used as an archetypal example of a grand design spiral galaxy. The galaxy's low surface brightness makes it the most difficult Messier object (phantom !) for amateur astronomers to observe.

For me this is probably the nicest autumn galaxy.. but still I had only an old and rather poor M74 picture and it came time to make it better.  And the result is, I think,  already rather satisfactory.



Optics:       NoName Newton 192/800
                   +GPU c.c.

amera:    Atik One6
Filters:        LRGB Baader

Mount:      SW AZEQ-6
Guider:       Lacerta MGEN

Exposure:  12x5 min. (L)
8x5 min. (R, G, B each), bin 2x2
Software:  PixInsight, Photoshop
21. and 25..9. 2023

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It is probably too much.. but here you can see M74 in full (~100% ) resolution, with nice arc of the background galaxies on the left side..

M 74