Astrodvorek Kamenne Zehrovice

NGC3226 and NGC3227 -  Arp94



NGC 3227 and  NGC 3226 (or Arp 94) are two interacting galaxies in the constellation of Leo, next to Algieba. Their interaction produces interesting tidal tails around the system, which can be partly seen on the picture.  I also like the small background galaxies and e.g the small pair at 4 o'clock position from the center even resembles the main galaxy pair. In addition like in my recent NGC4298+4302 picture a rather distant quasar (marked with an arrow) with redshift  z = 4.20 was clearly captured.


27.3. a 28. 4. 2022

Optics:       NoName Newton 192/800
                   + GPU c.c.

amera:    Atik One 6
Filters:         LRGB Baader

Mount:       SW AZEQ-5
Guiding:     50mm guider + Lacerta MGEN

Exposure:  30x5 min. (L)
                      10x4 min. (R, G, B each), bin 2x2

Software: PixInsight, Photoshop