Astrodvorek Kamenne Zehrovice

NGC 68 galaxy group, Arp 113

NGC 80 



The NGC 68 galaxy group (or Arp 113) is a distant (300 millions light years) cluster of at least 40 galaxies (including 4 large and 5 smaller NGC members) around the elliptical galaxy NGC 68. Nice large spirals NGC 70 and barred NGC 72 make the view even more interesting (and, to my surprise, some details of the galaxies were resolved even with my relatively small scope).


Optics:       NoName Newton 192/800
                   +GPU c.c.

amera:    Atik 428EX
Filters:        LRGB Baader

Mount:      SW AZEQ-5
Guider:       Lacerta MGEN

Exposure:  33x5 min. (L)
x5 min. (R, G, B each), bin 2x2
Software:  PixInsight, Photoshop
28.8. 2016