Astrodvorek Kamenne Zehrovice

Quasars !

Taking pictures of galaxies on my backyard has of course some limits. For me it can be the billion years distant  Corona Borealis galaxy cluster Abell 2065 (with redshift of "only"  z~0.075) . This is it's central part and concerning the conditions (short June night, not so large scope, near Prage) I was quite satisfied with the result.

Abell 2065 

Some extremely distant objects can be, however, easily found in almost any galaxy photo, if they are extremely bright, like quasars or other active galaxies. Unlike on the Webb space telescope pictures they appear as light dots only (like stars) and to identify them one has to use some catalogues or software (e.g. Aladin).  I don't do it systematically, but sometimes it is funny. Already on the upper picture the arrow shows a quasar with z=2.375  (light travel time some 11 billion light-years). On some of my pictures even several tens of quasars can be found and I can show here at least some examples.


Q327   Q420      Q398

These are the  most distant quasars, that I have found (by chance) on some of my galaxy pictures, with redshift of about z= 4 (was world record untill 1987, with light travel time more than 12 billion light-years ). From left:  a quasar with z = 4.27 (near my NGC 4302) , next one with z = 4.20  (near NGC 3227) and another with z = 4.23 (at NGC 474 , next to a small galaxy group  distant 4 billion líight-years). And at last a fairly bright quasar with z=3.98  (nearNGC 3169).