Kamenne Zehrovice

SAMPLE PICTURES (small selection)

Spiral galaxy  M101  in UMA is not very bright but really large, an excellent object for any astrophotographer..

To take a photo of another first-class spiral galaxy, M83 , I had to fly south (Crete). Nice holiday, too..

 Relatively small face-on spiral NGC3938. was not an easy target but after new data processing it looks nice.

Interesting but not so popular galaxy M98 is rather  inclined but its spiral structure is still well pronounced.

One of the best examples of a spiral galaxy observed edge-on, NGC 891,from the constellation Andromeda.

M101 M83 NGC3938 M98 NGC891

Small galaxies are more interesting in groups. This is the well known galaxy trio in Draco.

Another galaxy trio, this time from the Virgo constellation, with an interesting background. 

Around two giant elliptical galaxies hundreds of others form this huge  Coma galaxy cluster

Near galaxies NGC4298 and 4302  a quasar with tredshift  z=4.27 appeared in the picture !

Globular cluster M3
from the constellation Canes Venatici. Part of our Milky way galaxy..
Draco Trio  Virgo Trio  Coma cluster  M3  Quasar 

Jan Kroupa Žehrovický